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Learning design consultancy for course creators.

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The brief.

Having built a successful career as an executive business coach, with several popular courses on the Maven Learning platform, our client approached the Wellknown team for additional support and expert insight into the scope, accessibility and memorability of their coaching materials and online course delivery.

Wellknown’s own Hannah Palin (Director of Learning) was excited to step into the role of professional learning consultant, working in close partnership with the client to enhance their coaching programme designed to support software engineers moving into management positions.

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Our solution.

“With every project we work on, there are always two elements to our approach,” says Hannah. “Firstly, we want to make sure that the end product ultimately meets the needs of the learner — whether that be an online course, a training programme or a learning platform.

“In this case, that meant ensuring all of the content in our client’s coaching programme was geared towards equipping the software engineers enrolled on the course with the tools they need to develop confidence in their role.

“This involved workshopping each session in the programme, coaching the creator on their delivery of the materials, tweaking timings and session structure, planning engaging activities to aid retention, and ensuring learners would ultimately complete the sessions having taken away lots of practical advice and practicable techniques for becoming an effective manager.

“To achieve this, our discovery sessions with the client were incredibly important. Not only did it allow us to fully understand the challenges facing the primary audience, but it also enabled us to build a unique learning solution that incorporated the creator’s own passions and personal experience, which then boosted their confidence in their delivery.

“The second vein to our approach comes with ensuring the materials we deliver can help our clients to demonstrate ROI to their own clients. We want to help them hit their key objectives in terms of revenue while also making sure learners feel empowered by the course, motivated to learn more and, ultimately, get the maximum value from it.”

The impact.

After two weeks of workshopping, coaching, editing and enhancing our client’s learning materials and course delivery, the end result was a course with improved engagement, greater impact and better retention for learners.

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Hannah could take raw subject matter expertise and turn it into purposeful, engaging activities that sparked curiosity in my course participants and allowed them to get real-life practice with each skill.

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Following the project’s success, we were pleased to learn that our client had been singing the praises of our work, as another enquiry from an established course creator landed in our inbox!

The client came to us seeking advice and constructive feedback on the course she was running on Maven. Having been working on the course for some time, she wanted some reassurance that her course materials were appropriate, but ultimately she was keen to hear our expert insight into what she could do to improve.

“When we’re approached by course creators, we find that their materials are never really lacking in magic — sometimes it’s just hidden and they need someone to help bring it out,” says Hannah.  “Encouraging people to stretch slightly beyond their comfort zone is part of our job. Once they’ve opened their mind to new possibilities, our team is then on hand to help them shine and deliver improved impact with their courses.”

“I reached out to Hannah on the recommendation of a friend who had worked with her,” says the client. “I’ve been teaching an online course for a few months now, and have generally received good feedback, but I always felt stressed about the course, like I was rushing to get through all my content, and that I didn’t have the right mix of lectures vs. activities.

Working with Hannah was so great — not only did she help me improve my course SO much, but she made me feel so much better about what I was teaching, too! Getting that validation and support was so helpful for me, and I felt so comfortable working with her, like we were really teammates working together to make my course the best it could be.” 

“We improved my goals and outcomes together, and from there she helped me figure out where to focus my time, how to incorporate stories into my lectures, and which activities to present (and when) so that students had time to put what they learned into action.

“I really enjoyed our collaboration over the last couple of months and I am so happy with how everything turned out.

“I just taught the first new cohort of my course with my updated curriculum last week, and it went so well! I got even better feedback from my students and I felt so much more confident in what I was teaching, how I was teaching it, and the activities that I made time for. I’m so grateful to Hannah for her work and am so excited to keep teaching this updated version of my course.”

Achieve greater impact with your courses through expert learning design collaboration.

Ready to take your course to the next level and unlock its full potential for your learners? Get in touch with the Wellknown team today to find out more about our learning design consultancy services for course creators!


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