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Digital learning design
is our thing.

We’re unashamedly nerdy about online learning design and content creation and have made our name working for universities and health services. We dig deep into your content, rooting out your specific challenges to fulfil all the aspirations you have for your course and your students.

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Your new digital curriculum.

Creating a digital curriculum can feel overwhelming. Perhaps you want to create a course from scratch, move your face-to-face course online, or re-energise an existing online course to motivate students? Don’t fear, you are in very safe hands. You can be confident we can handle the philosophical and pedagogical elements of learning design whilst being practical enough to get your course delivered on time and on budget. You’ll have access to our specific expertise in HE and healthcare learning, so you can get maximum return on your investment.

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Sectors we work in.

Adding value for students through thoughtful learning design and high-impact content and activities.

The truth is, we can’t get enough of learning. We’ve lived and breathed the university experience both in academic roles and as students, and have designed online learning for some of the most prestigious and ambitious universities in the country.

Delivering vital training and knowledge in a fast-moving workplace.

Our services have helped NHS trusts adapt to training delivery for a post-Covid workforce, creating digital learning resources that are accessible, searchable and digestible for staff that are constantly on the go.

Sharing new research findings with key audiences.

Micro-courses and bite-sized learning are a brilliant way to get your new research findings out into the workforce. Let us help.