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You bring the expertise,
we'll make it unforgettable.

Motivate and engage your learners with an online experience that delivers lifelong learning and lasting impact.

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Are your learning materials
currently a bit one-dimensional?

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Get your content Wellknown with
human-centred digital learning.

Transform your knowledge, experience, research findings, and expert insights into inspiring, interactive digital learning.

Build an engaging online experience with highly personalised activities, illuminating videos and dynamic animation.

Partner with the Wellknown team to outline key learning objectives and motivate your learners to achieve their goals as they progress through a developmental journey.

With opportunities for practice-based learning and progressive assessment, delivered with immediate and meaningful feedback, your learners will always have a clear idea of where they are and what they need to do to reach their goals.

At Wellknown, we bring learning experiences to life, so students can gain a true understanding of their subject, retained long after the course is completed.
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Digital learning design services for all sectors.

Let’s turn your expertise into bespoke, activity-rich learning experiences. We partner with universities and health services with an appetite for innovation. 

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Learning design consultancy for course creators.

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Digital workbooks add value to NHS training.

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“With the proliferation of online learning, Wellknown are seen as innovators in this field.”

Dr Nicola McCullough · Director of Education · Ahead in Sport
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