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Exciting times ahead for the Wellknown team!

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Exciting times ahead for the Wellknown team

Just six short months ago, the Wellknown team consisted of our favourite husband-and-wife duo, Adam and Hannah, and a number of talented associates working asynchronously to bring online learning to life for our clients. But a lot can change in six months! 

The Wellknown team is now nine members strong (and counting), and as a result of this rapid growth, we’ve been thinking about the way we do things, and what’s needed to make sure we can continue to deliver for our existing clients, as well as attracting and delighting new ones. 

After lots of brainstorming, forward-thinking and dreaming big, we’re incredibly excited to announce our new team structure, which sees each of our wonderful team members taking on exciting new responsibilities to make way for more colleagues and clients joining us in the new year.


Reintroducing the Wellknown team (with their new fancy titles!) 


Hannah Palin, Managing Director of Wellknown

Hannah Palin, from Director of Learning to Managing Director

Founder of Wellknown, Hannah is our dedicated learning expert. She’s advancing from her role as Director of Learning and stepping into new shoes as Managing Director.

 She’ll be looking after each of the departments within our new team structure, touching base with our clients, searching out new opportunities, and overseeing our end-to-end online course strategy.

She’s also the person to get in touch with if you’re looking for expert consultancy on innovative and engaging online teaching and learning practice. 


Adam Palin, COO of WellknownAdam Palin, from Director of Technology to Chief Operating Officer  

Adam began his Wellknown journey as our Director of Technology, which mainly involved him using his web development skills to plan and build out our online courses. 

In his new role as Chief Operating Officer, Adam will be calling upon his experience as an online learning architect and his knowledge of UX design to manage the development of our online learning platforms and provide the technical know-how to deliver exceptional learner experiences. 

Like Hannah, he’ll also be strategising bigger-picture plans for the business and seeking out opportunities to partner with new clients. 


Lolli Molyneux, Head of Content & ProjectsLolli Molyneux, from Editor & Communications Lead to Head of Content & Projects

With a keen eye for detail and a certain way with words, Lolli joined the Wellknown team as our in-house Editor and Communications Lead in June 2023. With this recent reshuffling of the team, she’s progressed into a management position and now heads up our Content and Projects teams. 

Having honed her copywriting skills over several years spent in editorial and marketing roles, Lolli brings her flair for great writing to every project, producing optimised written content that learners of all ages and abilities can engage with. 

As Head of Content, she’ll be overseeing our content output and ensuring our strict quality standards are always met. On the Projects side of things, she’s on hand to keep our team informed of any updates, help out with managing capacities, and communicate progress with our clients. 

She’s also responsible for all of our own marketing efforts and spreading the Wellknown word. 


Austen Liaude, Digital Learning Project ArchitectAusten Liaude, from Digital Learning Developer to Digital Learning Project Architect 

Austen joined the team as a Digital Learning Developer earlier this year, and is now stepping up into the role of Wellknown Digital Learning Project Architect. 

Part of our Projects team and working closely with Lolli, Austen is our spreadsheet master a natural when it comes to organising, planning and scheduling. He’ll be maintaining internal communications to help keep projects running smoothly. 

There to provide technical support to our clients whenever he’s needed, Austen will also be on hand to deliver practical training on the use of various learning technologies and tools, including virtual learning environments (VLEs) and digital authoring tools. 


Emily Reed, Learning Design LeadEmily Reed, from Digital Learning Designer to Learning Design Lead

As our resident accessibility expert, Emily designs, develops and delivers digital workbooks and interactive online courses that have both learners and client objectives at their heart. 

She’s passionate about using learning technologies to create innovative solutions that are engaging, refreshing, inspiring, and fully accessible for all, and she’s sharing that passion with the two Digital Learning Developers – Asad and Aadil – that now sit within her team. 


Annie Ferguson, Graphic Design Lead Annie Ferguson, from Graphic Designer to Graphic Design Lead 

Beginning Wellknown life as our in-house Graphic Designer, Annie is now stepping into the role of Graphic Design Lead. As a key part of our new Wellknown Creative Studio, with her attention on the graphic style and visual elements of all our projects, she’ll be strategising the creative vision for each client and helping to deliver impactful content with her impeccable skills in art and design. 

Like the rest of the Wellknown team, she’s always keen to develop her skills and is currently investigating the key principles of UX design. 


Cameron Whittle Motion Graphics Lead Cameron Whittle, Motion Graphics Lead 

As Motion Graphics Lead within the Wellknown Creative Studio, Cameron brings the ideas, messages and lessons of our clients to life through visual storytelling and exciting animations. He’ll be working closely with Annie to build the strategy for the development of their department, helping with recruitment efforts and expanding our creative offering. 



Be a part of the excitement!

2024 is gearing up to be a great year for Wellknown, and we’d love for you to be a part of it

Whether you’re a professional looking for a new opportunity to join a great team and deliver work with purpose and passion, or you’re someone with a project in mind that would benefit from our digital learning design services, get in touch  we’d be thrilled to hear from you!