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Celebrating World Youth Skills Day!

Behind the scenes · 

On 15th July 2015, the United Nations launched World Youth Skills Day — a day dedicated to highlighting the importance of investing in the professional development of young people, equipping them with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to build a bright future. 

While raising awareness for the investment needed in this area, it’s equally become a day to recognise and celebrate the capabilities and talents of our young people, and the role that skills development plays in unlocking their huge potential. 

This year, we’re celebrating World Youth Skills Day by shouting about the incredible achievements of some of our young team members and sharing some of their plans for the future as we support them to continue in their learning and development journeys. 


Introducing our bright young talent

Meet Aadil

Aadil Malik

Aadil has recently joined the Wellknown team following a work experience placement with us, which he completed as part of his T-level in Digital Production Design and Development with Nelson & Colne College

Having joined us full-time just a few weeks ago, Aadil has already seen how his skills in problem solving, collaboration, programming and spreadsheet management are valuable in the workplace. 

“At Wellknown, I’ve learned what it’s like being part of a team, and this has helped me to improve my communication skills. Since I began my role as a Digital Learning Developer, I’ve contributed to designing different apps and websites, as well as university courses. The experiences I’ve already gained here will definitely enhance my CV and unlock future opportunities for professional development and study.”


Meet Austen

Austen LiaudeAusten joins us as a Digital Learning Developer following his recent graduation from the University of Huddersfield where he studied his BSc (Hons) in Information Technology. 

Passionate about learning, Austen’s journey with skills development continues as he gears up to become part of the first ever Digital Learning Design Apprenticeship with the Association for Learning Technology this September. 

“I can’t wait to develop my skills in learning technologies, especially from a design perspective, and bring new knowledge back to the team. I’ll be learning loads of interesting bits and pieces across the course, concentrating on digital learning design to help me develop my skills and knowledge in that area. 

“I’m looking forward to exploring some of the key trends and technologies from the field, including microlearning, personalisation, gamification and virtual and augmented reality. In the meantime, I’ll be continuing my professional development by honing my skills in my role, and exploring a range of topics in the weekly Wellknown learning hour.” 


Meet Asad

Asad Mehmood Asad joined us through the same pathway as Aadil, after completing a work experience placement with us as part of his T-level in Digital Production Design and Development. 

“My course has helped me to develop skills in IT and project management, and I’ve enjoyed applying the skills I’ve learned in a workplace setting. For the first year of my course, we’ve been focused mainly on the theory side of things, with some practical work involved. The teaching has been varied as we’ve learned about everything from the hardware and software of computers through to maintaining good health and safety in the workplace. 

“I’m enjoying my time at college as it’s a step up from high school and has given me a lot more freedom and independence. During the course, we’re expected to complete 315 hours of work experience, and I’ve been lucky to get a placement at Wellknown. It’s been great as it’s given me the opportunity to learn something new and use software that I don’t have access to in college. This also involves an Employer Set Project (ESP), which involves a lot more hands-on computer work, including producing gantt charts, cost plans and decomposition diagrams, writing and fixing code, and completing a rationale. 

“For me, joining the Wellknown team has also given me a lot of confidence in my social skills and improved my ability to self-manage. Most importantly, it’s given me the experience of working professionally as part of a team, which is a massive positive.”


Expanding what’s possible with digital learning design

Empowering young people to share their talent and pursue their passions is vital if we are to create more rewarding, inclusive and enjoyable workplaces. 

Learn more about the incredible team of talented professionals we’ve put together, and how we’ll be collaborating to expand what’s possible in digital learning design. 

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